Sarah from Ebb and Spruce transformed my kitchen pantry from a place of chaos to a place of calm.  She organized and simplified the shelves of my pantry so I can now find what I’m looking for!  I wish my entire house could look as great as my kitchen pantry shelves. Sarah is professional and time efficient and  I have just hired her for my next project to organize my entire garage space.  I can’t wait to see the outcome!  Marcia Kirby of Victoria, BC

What a life-saver! I’m so glad I hired Sarah to make sense of my closets –I love what she’s helped me accomplish! I highly recommend Ebb and Spruce.  Karen Leduc of Sidney, BC

I had occasion to hire a good organizer. My home was filled with items from an estate, plus items which had collected over the years. Being partially handicapped, I had been unable to sort, sell, donate and discard hundreds of items.
Sarah was many things:

   Incredibly organized & knowledgeable
   Strong skills
   Confidential, private, trustworthy, ethical
   Devoted to disposing to Charity and Shelters
   Always timely and punctual
   Empathetic, firm, and devoted to the job at hand

In the space of three weeks (only a few hours at a time, twice a week), more work was done than I thought could be done in a month. I could not be happier with anyone other than Sarah for all my work in future. Anyone lucky enough to hire her will be awed at the work. I could not recommend her and her company any higher.

Sincerely, Judy Evelyn Nobel of Victoria, BC

Thanks, Sarah! You made an overwhelming task seem simple, and we realized it was even possible. I am so grateful for your help and won’t hesitate to recommend you to others. You worked tirelessly, fueled only by an apple, determination, and kindness. You rock!! Connie of View Royal, BC

Sarah comes into a space and knows just how to tackle it. She leaves me feeling empowered to conquer my “stuff.” Honestly, the more I streamline and get rid of things we don’t need or love, the richer I feel. She’s the perfect person to help guide the purge, and she’s great at seeing the best function of a space.  Natalie of Victoria, BC

I have had the opportunity to work with Sarah several times. She’s a hard worker and a good listener, with a gift for seeing the possibilities in a space. I’ve entrusted a few of my clients to her, and had excellent feedback from them. I rely on her as my “team leader” on big jobs. I even hired her to help downsize and stage MY house! She’s compassionate, focused and fun. I have no hesitation recommending her services.  Stephanie Deakin, of Re:Organized! Professional Organizing Services, Victoria, BC (and former Past President of Professional Organizers in Canada)

Needing to downsize and move because of a chronic illness, Sarah, a professional organizer and the owner of Ebb and Spruce, was recommended by a family friend. What an excellent and fortuitous choice!
Sarah was always punctual, friendly, supportive, fair-minded, and thoroughly knowledgeable, even intuitive, about what needed to be done. Sarah is a firm but sensible believer in recycling and sustainable practices. She “went the extra mile” to make sure a task, of whatever size, was completed in a thoroughly satisfactory way.
With a great deal of work to do before the move, we set about tackling it one step at a time. Along the way, options were always suggested. Decisions were jointly made about what to keep, what to recycle, what should be donated, and what might be sold. Using this common sense  approach, nary a disagreement occurred.
After furniture was in place, Sarah did a superb job of “putting the pieces together again” by organizing cupboards and drawers to support the logic of day-to-day living patterns.
In sum, it was truly a pleasure to work with Sarah. Without reservation, I hold her professionalism and courteous ways in the highest regard.
L. McCann